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    Miles’ earliest thievery; caught on comic!


  2. ::Radio Silence::

    My apologies for the lack of updates (comics or otherwise)!

    The short story: I’ve been darn busy and will be back with more comics Monday!

    The long story:

    I’ve been on tour with the Jazz Ambassadors, which usually allows moretime for making comics, but I took on a few too many work & personal projects at once and topped that with planning and preparation for a wedding date that is fast…

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  3. This is the greatest thing.

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    Dee gets pumped for band to start and Meg, well… she’s somewhat less than “pumped”.


  5. More samples on silhouette, gesture, squash, and stretch


  6. Drawing verbs instead of nouns


  7. Those who cannot begin of not finish.
    — Robert Henri, from his book: “The Art Spirit”

  8. Some of us are driven by some invisible urge to create.
    — "Drawn to Life" - Walt Stanchfield

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    Today’s musicomic is a real ball buster!


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    New BAND! on Musicomic.com!

    by phillipkjohnson & decidedlydusty


  11. phillipkjohnson:

    The Lost Boys of the U-Boat Bremen continues! Nazis! Glenn Miller! Doomed shirtless teenagers! We’ve got it all! Come get cultured.

    Written by me, art by the incomparable Steve Beach, letters by the awesome Ken Bruzenak of American Flagg fame. 

    Check out phillipkjohnson's new project, The Lost Boys of the U-Boat BremenEverything about this is great and everyone involved is going places.

    Get behind it now while it’s just getting started instead of later when it’s super popular and you look like a huge loser who’s just now showing up to an awesome party that’s been going all night long and you’re all like “Guys! This party’s so great!” and everyone else turns to you and is like, “Yeah, we know. We’ve been here all night long partying without you.”


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    New BAND! on Musicomic.com!


  13. skottieyoung:

    Here’s a video of today’s #DailySketch. The sketch took about 15 minutes, sped up here to a little over 3. Enjoy. 



  14. tastefullyoffensive:


    touché… I had to copy that “e” from a google search for “touché” and now everything’s huge. 

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    Sonny’s pursuit continues in a new BAND! on Musicomic.com!

    by phillipkjohnson & decidedlydusty